Announcement, Order and Agreement

1Financial statement of PFM-Audit FY 201914/08/2020download
2Financial statement of EFITS-Audit FY 201914/08/2020download
3Bidding Data analysis service to support GFIS and software development service to support GIFS13/02/2020download
4Bidding Local consultants (2 positions) to support SBD13/02/2020download
5PEFA: Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Assessment 201813/09/2019download
6REOI for Consultancy services to support the preparation and implementation of a Financial Management Information System15/02/2019download
7The implementation of the State Budget since 2010/11 – 201729/11/2018download
8Notification of list of second testers passed by the Ministry of Finance standards and conditions and was selected as a new member of the Ministry of Finance’s 95% of 2018. 28/08/2018download
9Announcement of the new government staff selection of Ministry of Finance.14/08/2018download
10Notify the Ministry of Finance by 2018 that you can download the application form from August 10, 2018.09/08/2018download
11Announcement of the results of the new Government staff of the Ministry of Finance, for each major 2018, first round26/07/2018download
12State budget revenue and expenditure plan 2018.15/06/2018download
13Letter of conclusions on implementation of revenue and expenditure of the State budget of 2015-16.25/05/2018download
14The application form is available to download from the Ministry of Finance for 2018, starting May 17, 2018.14/05/2018download
15Monitoring Report – Nam Theun 2-Level Monitoring System – 2009-10-201415.25/10/2017download
16State financial report 2014-15.25/10/2017download
17Financial Statements 2013-14.25/10/2017download

 News and Events

The National Monetary Fund concludes the first half of the year and plans to end the year 2018

On 30 August 2018, the Ministry of Finance, the National Treasury and the Ministry of Finance held a briefing session …
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Office of the Ministry of Finance – Friendship Cup

30th August 2018 at a stadium in Cairo, Hawaii, the Ministry of Finance and the enterprise’s service transit goods (T …
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MMG LXML Company Delivers Mineral Resource Tax for the 2nd quarter of 2018

On August 28, 2018, Saman Anega, director and manager of the Lonely Planet Joint Venture Company, has donated $ 5,331,494 …
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Thadau Customs Executed Income Expected of 4.64 billion Kip By 2018 Target Revenue Gains revenue of 6.90 billion kip

Congratulations! For tax authorities at the provincial border checkpoint, Thadeau is located in Thadeau village, Ha Long Bay, Vientiane Capital, …
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