Announcement, Order and Agreement

1Bidding Data analysis service to support GFIS and software development service to support GIFS13/02/2020download
2Bidding Local consultants (2 positions) to support SBD13/02/2020download
3PEFA: Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Assessment 201813/09/2019download
4REOI for Consultancy services to support the preparation and implementation of a Financial Management Information System15/02/2019download
5The implementation of the State Budget since 2010/11 – 201729/11/2018download
6Notification of list of second testers passed by the Ministry of Finance standards and conditions and was selected as a new member of the Ministry of Finance’s 95% of 2018. 28/08/2018download
7Announcement of the new government staff selection of Ministry of Finance.14/08/2018download
8Notify the Ministry of Finance by 2018 that you can download the application form from August 10, 2018.09/08/2018download
9Announcement of the results of the new Government staff of the Ministry of Finance, for each major 2018, first round26/07/2018download
10State budget revenue and expenditure plan 2018.15/06/2018download
11Letter of conclusions on implementation of revenue and expenditure of the State budget of 2015-16.25/05/2018download
12The application form is available to download from the Ministry of Finance for 2018, starting May 17, 2018.14/05/2018download
13Monitoring Report – Nam Theun 2-Level Monitoring System – 2009-10-201415.25/10/2017download
14State financial report 2014-15.25/10/2017download
15Financial Statements 2013-14.25/10/2017download

 News and Events

The Tax Department advised how to issue a modern tax credit to a business unit

On November 5, 2018, at the Ministry of Finance, the Tax Department of the Ministry of Finance opened a training …
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Assign certificate to completion of the Asset-Asset-Asset Training Training Course

On October 31, 2018, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) of the Ministry of Finance (MOFI) completed the training of asset …
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From the previous 9 months in 2018, the international customs office has collected 146 billion kip

In the past 9 months of 2018, tax revenue and other obligations of international tax rates, including traditional checkpoints, local …
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