The Tax Department advised how to issue a modern tax credit to a business unit

On November 5, 2018, at the Ministry of Finance, the Tax Department of the Ministry of Finance opened a training course on Tax Revenue Management Information System (TAXRIS) to pay taxpayers for the taxpayer.

Taxes and Vientiane Capital manage about 400 units of large enterprises and are regularly taxed.

The Chairman of the Tax Department of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Thongsamphanh Viphavanh, Deputy Director of the Tax Department, officials and officials around the tax department, along with entrepreneurs and businesses are invited to participate.

The TAXRIS system is a government investment to modernize revenues in accordance with the strategic plan to facilitate the tax payment of taxpayers to more and more internationally and to ensure that all taxpayers from the taxpayers into the state budget inclusive, valid and transparent can be classified into two systems: 1; An external system for tax payers (like the E-TAX system), 2; An internal system for tax administration (similar to TMIS and LAOTIS systems), which is divided into several major components, is the E-SERVICE electronic service component, which allows taxpayers to pay taxes.

For training this time, to the entrepreneurs, the businesses large to the Department of Taxation, the capital Vientiane manage, understand and can use the system to inform tax categories visit website ( widely, such as the value added tax (cm s), profit tax, income tax payments from the wage tax deducted when paid, applications using Web website, the The sector tax report recommended the tax, the number of taxes, calculating, issuing an order tax and tax payments of various types, as well, the government can provide grants, fees and charges through Web posted it.

In this training session, held for 2 days (5-6 November 2018) and divided into 4 sets: 1st package for the public sector and 3 sets for the business sector.

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