From the previous 9 months in 2018, the international customs office has collected 146 billion kip

In the past 9 months of 2018, tax revenue and other obligations of international tax rates, including traditional checkpoints, local customs bordering the international border checkpoint in Luangnamtha district, Luangnamtha province

Total revenue of 146 billion kip is 68.59% of the 9-month plan and 51.44% of the year plan.

        According to the report, Mr. Vichit Sombong, Deputy Director of the International Customs Office, said that the movement and organizing of the 9-month work plan of 2018 and the orientation of the 2018 final three-month plan of the International Taxpayers is to establish one of the local taxation

I Si Department in the Ministry of Finance, which borders based on the customs and traditions mom, customs local cluster However, customs tradition Xiengkok and economic special tent, staff – took all of 59 you shoot 3, committee stage 5, an aide to the IRS in advertising publish the rules, the laws and other legal on duty strictly, implementation plan The collected income taxes and other obligations under laws set, the role and function of the given is accurate, consistent, complete, transparent and timely, international services and facilities facilitate trade and customs.

In 2018 customs Boten the number planned revenue total 284 billion kip but through the implementation of 9 months (January – September 2018) the income tax and other obligations of customs Boten, crossing traditions, customs local to be revenue to total 146 billion kip 68.59% of 9 months and is equal to 51.44% of the plan year, this customs Boten the Perform 132 billion, equivalent to 66.91%; The local customs valued at 13 billion kip, equivalent to 88.93%; Customs tax of Chiang Kok has more than 23 million kip, equivalent to 29.36%; Traditional customs

Ban mom made 556 million kip, equivalent to 70.35% and special economic zone of Tung Duc, fulfilling 315 million kip, equivalent to 100% of 9 months plan.

The reasons for not collecting revenue are due to the import of goods and machinery of large quantity of goods imported into the state program and imported under domestic and foreign investment promotion policies, accounting for 85.38% of the total import volume of goods; The import and export of goods, the major source of revenue for the checkpoints, is mainly reduced: special deductions, vehicles, spare parts, construction machinery, electrical equipment, utensils – consumables and fees.

However, in order to ensure the implementation of the state budget plan in 2018, achieve the plan (284 billion kip) and ensure compliance with the laws and regulations, the international customs inspection will focus on monitoring, checking and carrying out tasks assigned to each unit and checking its responsibilities in accordance with strict laws. Strengthening the monitoring of imports and use of goods, machinery for investment promotion policies, coordination.

With the sector concerned in approving the plan for the import of investment projects in accordance with the Law on Investment Promotion in a strict manner; Focus on coordinating relevant officials and local authorities at each level to keep budget revenue in 2018 on plan or plan and so on.



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