The National Monetary Fund concludes the first half of the year and plans to end the year 2018

On 30 August 2018, the Ministry of Finance, the National Treasury and the Ministry of Finance held a briefing session on the activities of the National Treasury in the first six months of this year and the six-month plan for the end of 2018 by the President of the National Treasury, the Deputy Chief of Treasury, the Head of the Division, the Deputy Head of the Department, and the National Bank of Lao PDR.
Mr Phutthavong Khutivich, Deputy Director of the National Treasury Department, made a concluding remarks on the implementation of the National Treasury Department, including politics, thinking, organizational and personnel affairs, national treasury duties, enforcement and financial discipline, income, expenditure, internal debts mobilization, foreign exchange management and cooperation. Financial rejuvenation, accounting work and information and other issues.
Deputy Treasury said that a meeting such as the implementation of the technical specifications of the national treasury, especially the implementation of revenue – expenditure budget in the treasury, the implementation of resolutions, orders and work legislation such as the implementation of orders 55 / PMO that the reasonable expression National Treasury has informed the A notification to the national treasury local on cash balance from the center to salary payments, subsidies in 2018 is priority one by the province using sources inside and the balance from the center to focus on paying salaries, allowances completed within a month. At the same time, the local report summarizes the use of dirty money from the center each month in detail, to provide information to the center for moving the next month.
Part of the salary breakdown, subsidies are much faster compared to the previous ones, especially at the central and local levels, which can be paid in time. The central bank has paid off, salaries in the first half of the year have been completed by 100%, the seventh month is the most successful, outstanding 5.47 billion kip. The part 2 is vertically tax and Embassy’s standing abroad (because the parties did not include documents arrive Treasury) and the payment month of August 2018, the local government has paid salaries for 100% to May 6/2018, section 7 months is paying most current accrued 9.22 billion (3 departments and 7 cities) and are paid film 8/2018 games, moving cash balance plan local 6 months total 2,785 billion kip 58.48% of the annual plan.


Sonesay Sayyalard

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