Thadau Customs Executed Income Expected of 4.64 billion Kip By 2018 Target Revenue Gains revenue of 6.90 billion kip

Congratulations! For tax authorities at the provincial border checkpoint, Thadeau is located in Thadeau village, Ha Long Bay, Vientiane Capital, to strictly implement strict supervisory work and regular check-ups, so there are no shortcomings in the checkpoints.
At the same time, revenue from the government budget from the beginning of August to August 27, 2018 was 4.64 billion kip, equivalent to 77.41% of the year’s plan, mostly income tax, consumption tax, consumption, import fees and other fees.
Mr. Sombat Chotuwan, head of the local customs office Thadu, interviewed the Finance Ministry last week: Thua Thien Hue Provincial Customs Office is the chief of tax administration V, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Finance to strictly implement laws, laws and regulations on taxation, nowadays, the local customs office has 11 officials and taxpayers. Among them, there are 1 chief, 2 deputy heads and 7 technical staff, 1 contract officer. Particularly for the implementation of specific tasks in 2018, Thadau’s local customs office has received a total revenue of 6 billion kip. However, through the implementation of revenue collection from January 1, 2018 to August 27, 2018, the revenue could be 4.64 billion kip, equivalent to 77.41% of the year plan. In that, income from taxes on consumption-consuming products was 4.49 billion kip, 63 million kip, ex-works fees of over 20 million kip and other duties of 83 million kip.
Mr. Somphet Khodsuvan added: The reason why the revenue collection into the state budget of the Thua Thien Hue provincial customs has been stolen and missed every month, every month, because the local customs checkpoints include: Immigration Detention Center (Tm), Plant Protection Sector, Food Inspection and Drug Inspection Division, The National Treasury, the Association of Boats and the Tax Law, have laws in place to implement, especially the Ministry of Finance’s Guideline No. 4115 / dated December 12, 2016 on the management of export and import of goods through local checkpoints and customs checkpoints, guidelines and notifications for implementation of specific tasks And with the guidance of the V management team, with a work plan, with a team of panels, a responsible person, regular planning, monitoring and follow-up of all employees who have strictly exercised their professional duties.
At the same time, the tax administration and tax regulations are introduced and the local authorities have to coordinate with the local authorities in facilitating the implementation of relevant technical and relevant aspects of the transaction, in the light of the situation, and there is no shortage of shortcomings in the checkpoints.
Mr. Somphet Khodsuvan added that by the end of 2018, the local customs district, Thadeau, has set a budget target of 6.90 billion kip. Therefore, in order to make a plan of income-generating projection, the target will continue to be studied in the field of political education – the concept of party members – the staff members in their responsibilities regularly, and to improve the working plan for clarity, The performance of staff in charge up, strict management practices, especially the introduction of the Ministry of No. 4115 / MOF attention inspection goods of that is true, practical value tax in accordance with the rules fully and timely measures against violating laws, strict action time clock – off point (Monday – Saturday 8:00 -16: 00 club ), Allocation rules cars, boats, freight and other issues related to tax iak sector.



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