Lao PDR’s service of transit goods sets up a guiding-management staffing plan

On August 27, 2018, the Lao Enterprise Service of Transit (LWS) organized a conference on the establishment of a staff led by Mr. Sivavang Vao, Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr. Khamphang Vangphai Phirunkirat, Director General of Lao PDR Service of Transit Products, Mr. Bongdong Enganong, Deputy Inspector of the Ministry of Finance, Deputy Director, Head of Division, Division Deputy With the participation of members and staff.
At the meeting, Mr. Bongdong Aun Anang presented the overall standardization and management measures of the staff, and provided guidance on how to write a letter to staff, such as a successful evaluation of current work, past issues, and specific and forward solutions to ensure the completion of the project.
The same opportunity, you color bottle Deputy Minister of Finance instructed staff core and party members traded on the selection and screening of staff leadership – management aimed at ensuring characteristics inherited replace pages and long response to the number and quality structure of personnel must be the stance of the concept – the city, the methods work and takes doctor Nluam the Center Democratic selfish interests and personal interests rather than clusters Roosters seed and the subsequent damage to his arm.
Therefore, in selecting the management staff, there must be a great deal of political, strategic, and methodological management, with the ability to lead Party members and officials – politicians and politicians to step up.
At this meeting, there were also elections of selected candidates to replenish the standard and specifications that were set out in order to collect preliminary data in complexity and to lay the lead-level staff into the appropriate positions at each level.



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