Assessment of the implementation of the V-Tax, National Tax and National Treasury

On August 23, 2018 meeting tax on capital, a meeting to evaluate the performance of the Management Division of Tax V, tax and treasury of the capital Monday by President’s Day attack Ubon wonderful Deputy Minister of Finance, with your plane to Germany head the organization and staff, the Director General, Deputy Director General, Department Director, Vice clash Related participate.

The meeting, passed by the Prime Minister’s Decree No. 300 / PM dated March 13, 2017, stipulates the principles and procedures for assessing the performance of the work of officials and employees, making it work in a systematic and accurate manner in accordance with the Party’s guidelines and the laws of the State guaranteeing unity, in order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the work of officials and employees of the Party, State, the Front Line of National Construction, Central Mass Organization and local authorities, the task of evaluating and managing the performance of the work of officials and employees.

In this case, Mr. Bounkhan has also highlighted many problems, including selecting a strong, competent, competent, resilient, competent, resilient, resilient, resilient, in-the-job, financial, staffing, decision-making, and solidarity with the Center for Democratic Institutions, to strictly monitor the implementation of the revenue sector. Normally, to ensure a fair, transparent and transparent revenue collection. In addition, it is necessary to build a replacement staff in each position, with the overall direction of the Party and the State set up, in order to have the leading and well-trained staffs with the knowledge and ability to perform the tasks of each sector in the best possible way.

Meanwhile, in a ceremony also vote to select employees inherited replace standard staff lead – managed to gather preliminary data to place complex in the leading position – management level to inherit replace specific and long a step carefully as the leading position – the level of each sector to ensure that the personnel with skills and That city has firmly.



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